An Angry Young Magazine

“Rub his tummy in the morning before breakfast, and make a wish,” says an ad that epitomizes all ads, “and Ho-Toi, the gleeful Chinese god of happiness, will throw his weight around for you in the land where dramas come true. Hand-carved, of teakwood. He’s about 4 inches high, and men love him. We know […]

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Red Flag on Civil War General

by Victoria Smith, LIBERATION News Service CHICAGO, Ill. Aug. 26, (LNS)–A red flag flew briefly atop the statue of Civil War Gen. John Logan in Grant Park this afternoon. Some 500 demonstrators had attempted to occupy the hill leading up to the statue during a march to the Conrad Hilton Hotel but the crowd fled […]

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Hugh Hefner Thinks Young

by Mark Kramer, LIBERATION News Service CHICAGO, Illinois, Aug. 27 (LNS)–Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner got beat on last night, so he called a press conference to announce the fact. Max Lerner came along for the ride, and Jules Feiffer too. It seems they heard there was some action, and not wanting to lose his position […]

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